Launch New Star Wars in Your Arcade

Star Wars has a massive fan base of loyal and often fanatical people across multiple generations. Us included. We were thrilled when publisher Nomadic approached us with their Vader Immortal: Lightsaber Dojo – A Star Wars Story. Star Wars Arcade on our unattended VR platform was an opportunity to bring hordes of Star Wars fans to FECs around the world.

VR expert Bob Cooney wrote that “Star Wars has more fans than any other movie in history. It appeals across 4 generations. The popularity of The Mandalorian, featuring Baby Yoda, is growing its fan base among Millennials and Gen Z.”

Virtual Reality is a magical experience, as it creates a digital world where you can do things you can never do in real life. Now Star Wars Arcade game fans can finally have that Lightsaber battle with Darth Vader every Jedi wannabe has dreamed of.  

Check out the cover story from November 2020 Replay Magazine. Hear from the people who helped to bring Star Wars Arcade games back to the galaxy:

  • Mark S. Miller, the Executive Creative Producer at ILMxLAB,
  • Sean Griffin from Nomadic, and
  • Kevin Bachus from Dave and Busters, who managed their nationwide rollout.

Want to learn more and see if Star Wars would work in your arcade? Just “force push” the button.

History of Star Wars Arcade Games

The original Star Wars game was developed by Sega in 1993. A New Hope and Return of the Jedi are combined into a Starship game in which players battle the imperial forces.

A second arcade game developed by Sega’s AM Annex subsidiary was released in 1998. Star Wars 3D rail shooter based on original trilogy films, released alongside special editions.

Most recently NAMCO released the Star Wars Battle Pod in 2015. It was an enclosed game cabinet with a large immersive dome screen.

The pinball machine is the most common form of Star Wars arcade games. Stern has release several Star Wars Arcade pinball games, including the original Star Wars and The Mandolorian

New Home Star Wars Game Just Announced (April 2022 Update)

A collaboration between Skydance and Lucasfilm Games will result in a story-driven, action-adventure game based on the original Star Wars story. Amy Hennig, award-winning writer and director, has worked in the gaming industry since the blockbuster series Legacy of Kain, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted. (Source:

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