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Monolith VR Cabinet

New Monolith Appears at Bowl Expo with Rhythmatic 2

Jul 24, 2022

The new Monolith VR cabinet totally reimagines virtual reality for the arcade. The Monolith reduces its footprint to just 7.5 square feet, almost 60% smaller than the VRsenal’s original. And with an introductory price under $25k the Monolith is the most affordable unattended VR solution on the market.

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VRsenal X4 four player unattended VR arcade game.

Introducing the VRsenal X4

May 5, 2022

The first unattended 4-player VR attraction is here. Putting two V2 systems back to back creates an amazing centerpiece for your arcade. Featuring Star Wars Lightsaber Dojo, Rythmatic, and Space Pirate Trainer, there’s something to appeal to everyone. The X4 has the lowest cost of ownership among leading VR attractions. It also boasts the highest…

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Two VRsenal V2 Units as an Attraction

New VRsenal V2 – We Folded Space in 1/2

Dec 22, 2021

The original VRsenal unattended VR platform was already the top earning VR video game in the world. But the engineers at VRsenal know that there’s always room for improvement. So they folded space and created the VRsenal V2. Unveiled at IAAPA in November 2021, the latest innovation from our award-winning engineers doubles the throughput and…

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Group of Star Wars Game at Riverside Gamelab

6 Steps To Virtual Reality Attraction Revenue Growth

May 21, 2021

Will a virtual reality attraction bring people through your door? Bob Cooney recently described how to turn your arcade game into an attraction. His ideas are summarized below. 1. Get the VRsenal Star Wars VR Arcade game for your arcade. Star Wars is the biggest IP from a movie or TV series in history. One…

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Lightsaber Dojo Star Wars VR Arcade Game

Launch New Star Wars in Your Arcade

Nov 21, 2020

Star Wars has a massive fan base of loyal and often fanatical people across multiple generations. Us included. We were thrilled when publisher Nomadic approached us with their Vader Immortal: Lightsaber Dojo – A Star Wars Story. Star Wars Arcade on our unattended VR platform was an opportunity to bring hordes of Star Wars fans…

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