- forging reality into the virtual

The VR-15 was built to increase immersion—to blur the line where one world ends and another begins and to add substance and weight to an experience composed of little more than sights and sounds.

With VR we don’t have to settle for just putting the gamer in the game - now we can put the game directly into the gamer’s hands.

Built to be the highest quality virtual weapon on the market - The VR-15 Is constructed of engineering-grade nylon, and then hand-finished with a worn metal patina.

It’s also outfitted with a fully adjustable stock, weighted trigger pull, four ambidextrous analogue thumbsticks, and glass optics. The VR-15 is completely wireless, with zero lag, and is fully integrated with HTC’s Lighthouse system, allowing every move to be tracked with sub-millimeter accuracy.

When using the VR-15, the rifle that users see in their hands as they crouch for cover inside a VR game, is the exact same rifle they feel themselves gripping in the real world. Whether sniping hostile robots or holding off hordes of rampaging undead, the VR-15 provides a thrilling experience unrivaled by any other VR peripheral in the world.