- step inside the game

At VRsenal, we truly believe that virtual reality is the future of gaming. The ability to actually put players inside the game and turn them into the action hero they’ve always wanted to be is finally within our grasp. This unprecedented and supremely entertaining possibility is why VR is being explored by just about every major entertainment brand on the planet.

But while pursuing these amazing technological achievements, the VR industry has remained mostly focused on creating living room experiences for the consumer market, and has largely ignored the out-of-home entertainment sector and its particular needs.

Many people will never spend the huge amount of cash it takes to set up an in-home VR system. Others simply do not have the space to explore virtual worlds in their homes even if they wanted to. Because of these things, we believe that most people for years to come will experience VR, not in their living rooms, but in public out-of-home entertainment venues.

Enter the Holocube.

Designed as the perfect turnkey, four-player VR portal, the Holocube brings VR to any facility’s existing space with a compact footprint that accounts for the safety, hygiene, and throughput concerns presented by current VR technology.

We have carefully selected every game that is offered with the Holocube to ensure that they are each pleasant experiences where no one gets sick. We also extensively play-test each experience to prove that they have simple and intuitive game mechanics that are easy to grasp in a public environment where people don’t have a lot of time to familiarize themselves with complicated game interfaces.

Each of the Holocube’s four players can independently choose their own VR experience, or they can play multi-player games along with their friends. The Holocube offers users a wide variety of VR gaming options that range from totally immersive shooters where you battle for your life, to more low-key and easy-going games like the VR-equivalent of Fruit Ninja or music and rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. With the Holocube, we’ve included something for everyone, and our game catalog will just keep growing so users will always be met with new and exciting experiences when they return.

The Holocube was also designed with space constraints in mind. The layout is just 15 feet wide, 15 feet deep, and 12 feet tall. This means that each of Holocube’s four player stations takes up a footprint of only 50 square feet.

The Holocube’s unique cable management system completely eliminates all trip hazards by keeping cords constantly suspended above the user’s head, thus creating an almost wireless experience. When you combine this with the very best VR games on the market, and the world-class HTC Vive headset, the Holocube allows people to experience virtual reality with a level of immersion never before possible.

Best of all, it’s ready to go now. From the point of order, a single Holocube can usually be delivered anywhere in the U.S. within thirty days. Once delivered, one of our installation teams can have it assembled and operational in a single day.

We truly believe that Holocube represents the best turnkey VR portal package on the market. And it certainly comes with the least amount of brain damage.

With Holocube,
the future of gaming has arrived.

We certainly hope you’ll be joining us.