- so long, real world

Virtual reality is the future of entertainment, and VRsenal is pushing the future’s limits with our revolutionary segregated arena system.

What makes the CYvrSPACE Arena so special?


CYvrSPACE is completely wireless.

Packed into just two thousand square feet, the CYvrSPACE Arena’s six individual player pods provide a generous amount of room for each player to safely move and are equipped with sub-millimeter-accurate tracking so players can have complete confidence of motion around the pod. Each pod is then separated from the others with a soft barrier system, ensuring that no one accidentally runs head on into an unforgiving wall.

Each player is outfitted with an HTC Vive headset and a lightweight backpack computer that provides massive amounts of desktop-grade computing power while letting the user roam freely through VR worlds. This untethered VR backpack is integrated directly with a hi-fidelity haptic feedback system that allows the user to actually feel the game like never before. You get sniped by an enemy? The zero-lag haptics let you feel the shot. You fire your rifle? You’ll feel the shockwave thump through your chest.

The CYvrSPACE Arena offers an unprecedented player advancement system that allows gamers to save their progress so they can return to the venue again and again and pick up their adventures right where they left off. With full POS integration and robust operator control over each pod, the CYvrSPACE Arena is a quantum leap forward for out-of-home entertainment.